Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

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About Author

I have always wondered how people like writing stuff. And of course, the answer to that question was unreachable for me. Even at the thought of taking a pen and writing anything would make me sleep. Talking of writing with a pen, my handwriting is worst, ha ha ha. Believe me you don,t wanna see my handwriting, it is still that bad as it was when I was in school. From the person who dislikes writing this much to a person who has started a blog. That journey was like a roller coaster ride. Now talking about how I started writing is because I love reading. The love which I had for reading brought to a point where I had to write. And the songs are like blood flow for me. A day won’t go without listening to songs. And when I start listening to songs I actually get immersed in it.

About Homemakers Portal

Homemakers Portal
Homemakers Portal

Homemakers Portal was something that came to me when I wanted to do something in the world of internet. I always liked cooking and listening to songs. So I thought of bringing both together which can help me to recollect contents. I love cooking very much. I often do it for myself, my family and friends. So this recipe some of the things which I had cooked for them in the near past. Recipes are divided into three categories north Indian recipes, south Indian recipes and western recipes. Actually western recipes contain all the other recipe which are not from India. Hope you guys enjoy cooking with listening to songs.

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